Sunday, July 25, 2010

Quantum Speed Reading (QSR)

You can train your eyes to see at the speed of light.

I came upon a cool site that teaches QSR techniques. 

This was merely by serendipitous synchronicity because I had been looking in to possible explanations for my ability to "hyper-visualize" colors, objects, as well as "see" things like green flames and vortex-like torsion fields (occultists might call them
Etheric visions of the third eye).  Crazy?

At any rate, the site gives great information on ways to enable each one of us to synchronize our visual and cognitive centers (primarily right-brain enhancement it suggests) so as to see the world with fresh eyes, so to speak.

Think about it!  If quantum mechanics, and  specifically Bell's non-local theorem is correct, then quantum-seeing is a kin to accessing "light-information" from anywhere in the Universe.  This fits Bohm's model of the HolographicUniverse and Nassim Haramein's extension of that idea to his theory of the holofractalgraphic nature of the Cosmos.

These are my speculations, and not the websites, though the site mentions benefits as including higher cognitive abilities such as increased intuition and possibly pre-cognition.  Regardless of the "physical reality" underlying the ability, I can attest to its quality, and would furthermore call it flat out trippy and cool.

Other benefits include increased concentration, quicker reflexes and a greater ability to become cognizant --on a sympathetic and emotionally healthy level --  All good stuff!  Here's an example of an exercise they give:

 The method was formalized "by accident."  An observant kindergarten teacher **[I just realized I don't know how to spell did I graduate????]** noticed her student dazzled when she asked him and others to flip through the pages of books to find one to read.   As the site mentions:

The astonishing reply led to the creation of QSR. The eight year old student said, "I saw pictures coming out of the pages and I understood everything in the book". Yumiko, through her long experience as a teacher in non-linear learning, instantly realized a function of the right brain's imagery was at work with this child. The right brain is deeply connected to speed. So when a book is flipped through at high speed the words are transformed into images and come out as pictures. Naturally the other kids had no idea what was going on and just sat there amazed.

You should totally check this site out at: -- The page begins with instruction on the method.  If you forget why you were there, check out the benefits tab because I really think you'll notice interesting develops like I have...given a chance.

In conclusion, I don't "See dead people," and I'm not crazy - Well, for the most part, right?  Activate your pineal glands people because it's a much more interesting Universe than televised America!
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