Monday, January 11, 2010

Post-Hypnotic Suggestion of 2012

The Mayan calendar is like a cleverly well-placed human alarm.

It's going off now and reminding us that it is okay to live a new dream.

What shall we play this time?
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Lucky in Love

I have the most sweet and pretty fiancee.


She makes me want to think clever thoughts.
And when life seems fucked up, she reminds me that beauty does truly exist.


I have the most adorable and awesome little son.

I enjoy finding new ways to make him laugh.

 He brings fresh eyes to life and renews my desire to have fun!


 Pretty damn lucky, so to speak.

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Cosmic Sea of Awareness

I feel like a wave of consciousness rolling along the shores of the Universe. 

Surfing thoughts of paradox until the sea calls it back home.

There's really no way to capture the Universe in a single thought,
but that's a necessary part of life because we want each wave to feel new and be worth experiencing.

Ideas are like ripples in the water;
thoughtful currents that form gnarly waves;
the dreams of experience meeting the shores of time.

Ahh yes, the cosmic dreams of reality...

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The Truth of Lying

Lies are the shadows that shade the true colors of your eyes.

The worst type of lie is the one you believe yourself.

Ignorance is a game we play when we don't want to see our true colors.

Hiding in the dark is the stark reality of that which you tried to pretend was only a dream.

Would you rather live the hate of a shitty life or die happy as the belief in something that is false?

Our consumer society does not benefit from honesty.  It thrives off of self-delusions and shadows of lies that we tell each other so we can appear the way we thought we should.  People are afraid of being themselves.  They much rather be like the person on tv.  What a badass action hero!  What a sweet drama queen with an attitude!  Thank god for MTV so we all know how to act, what to say, and what to believe.  Now pop in the tv dinner and shut up.

Our society is failing at being real. 

I love you even when you are really lame.  I hate you when you pretend you're cool.

Now avert your eyes and pretend you never read this....or change your life.  God bless- fool.

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Illuminated Heart - The Soul of the Mind

At the origin of the Universe is the felt presence of eternal conscious awareness.  This Source, of All that exists, is equipped with infinite potential of imagination and a clear will to experience life.  Existence then, is an ever-increasing expansion of complexity - in terms of consciousness, and inter-dimensional dynamics of Being.

At the heart of metaphysical knowledge is the essential understanding that within the essence of every one conscious being is the nature of every other cosmic being.  It takes a little dismantling of mental structures to clearly understand the idea that in one is all and in all is one
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Tick Tock

‘What dwells behind,
must move forward,
yet, is still right here?’
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Tuning in to a New Set of Ideas

    Our beliefs about life and the world are predominantly defined by our culture. Culture is not as real as the experiences we have.
    We come close to losing our true nature ,of being, by selling our capacity to believe, to the social mainstream and institutional indoctrinations of society. However, a new order of being is on the horizon and it is dissolving cultural boundaries. That means that it would be a good idea to re-evaluate your perspective of life and assess what you really understand. This can be done by trusting your body’s senses, your immediate experiences, and becoming aware of the fullness of life that exists beyond society. Wisdom and insight will come from the cleansing of one’s preconceptions of the world. The result will be a look into the core of being. It will be stripped of its sociocultural disguise and open to the bravest of us. There will lay the soul of the matter – what is really and truly important; what is happening and why; the deepening of understanding that can give more perspective to life; perspective that can bring meaning to life by cutting out the diseased and corrupt crap that has been established by a broken social order. I think this is the great work that we must accomplish. I think this is our duty as beings that have caused many problems and atrocities in this world. I think this is the salvation we can find through the living moment of experience. This is definitely how to stop believing absolutely ridiculous and crazy shit. It’s how to end the chaostrophe of modernity and replace it with the realization that we are a lot more than we give ourselves credit for. By ending this absurd identification with a system of believe that is corrosive and diseased, we can begin actualizing a world that actually makes sense and feels right.
Get rid of those ideologies, cultural beliefs, preconceived ideas about reality that have brought life to a void of absurdity. Re-connect with yourself as you are. It’s going to happen regardless. This is just about you making it more gentle and comfortable rather than experiencing a horrific collapse of all hat you thought was real – but no longer really exists. It’s time to discard the crap and fill it with something meaningful so that we don’t find ourselves in shambles with an empty black hole inside of us.
This is a critical process that we don’t want to fuck up. This is a matter of saving the soul of your very being. This is a death process to be gone through. The old must end to make room for the new. This is the time for personal salvation – not the salvation of life through the lens of cultural iconography or through the eyes of someone else’s religious opinions. Either stubbornly hold on to that which is illusory, or begin reformatting your hard drive so that you can replace that shit with something new; something good; something that actually matters for yourself.
Lift the veil people.
The truth is not in the words. It’s not on television. And it’s not in the minds of the logical constructs that you have been taught in school.
The truth is in your experience. The truth is what you are, in essence. The truth, I think, is that which you will come to know as your soul. Call it what you want, but the core of matter is being and I can’t think of a better word for what must now be found. I think you can do it. I hope it is a joyful and invigorating experience for all of you. Have fun trotting on the right path now.  Peace be with you.
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Prob with Time

Perhaps it is less of a conceptual question as to what time could possibly be, and more of an understanding of what time means to us – how it affects our lives.

 Hourglass Neblua

Time is more than a linear chain of cause-and-effect. Yes, it has seemed that way to us before, but I think it is growing, or evolving, with us. As humans, we are creatures with a very real social, cultural, and mental aspect of being. Both our biology and our collective minds are subject to evolutionary changes. Therefore, time, whatever it may be, is subject to physical and mental changes. Furthermore, since time is a conceptual device, we can realize that this device, or mechanism, has a very real effect on our existence.
That which was just a chain of cause and effect upon our biology is now also an effect, in its own right, upon our mind. In other words, the concept of time itself has an effect upon us; an effect that is causal; a cause and effect relationship that steps outside the linear boundaries of what we would normally consider time to be.
I feel that at this stage in our evolutionary development, our concept of time has become linear, stagnant, and confining. But maybe more importantly, our experience of time has been a tad excruciating. There are several reasons I say this and many types of experiences I can think of that validate this notion.
For one, it seems that the best of our ideas are hitting the rigid concrete of old social structures. How many of us feel slightly, if not profoundly, dissolutioned, ineffectual, and thus, cynical about the possibility of change in our world?
Secondly, this impasse leads to a severe crash in our constructive and creative momentum to make life cooler. Since that sucks, there must be a reaching for a better way – the very type of mechanism that instigates evolutionary changes.
Next, we have a horrific sense of perspective. We are creatures with amnesia that hardly know our own history, let alone last week. On top of that, the onslaught and barrage of incoming data, like through that of the internet, is unbearably overwhelming. In other words, we can’t process all this quickly enough. It’s enough to throw any meditative device into the shitter because staying grounded in this flood of information (a biblical flood man!) is nearly impossible.
Finally, in terms of why time is subject to an evolutionary change, and related to the idea of perspective, is the slowing in ability to progress. In comparison with our ability to compile huge quantities of data, our systems of comprehension seem to have lead to a chasm between what is and what could be. What I’m saying is that we can’t change fast enough to keep up with the influx of ideas. Therefore, we feel painfully inadequate to our imagination of what could be, compared to that which we are able to actualize.
As a result of this dilemma, I hope that 2012 turns out to be a re-formation between the polarization of time and form. I think it would be awesome if we could experience a pace between the two that is congruent to our abilities as higher beings. And by form, I mean the expression of our being. I hope that:
Instead of feeling like we are the form we have become, we can begin to experience what it’s like to become the form that we are being. It’s not just a state of mind dammit! I doesn’t matter how good a heart you have, it doesn’t mean its going to put you in a fine ass body that fits your being. There are ugly girls with great hearts, and that’s crap! This realm of being is deceptive! If you are a good being, should not your form reflect it in some more measurable way? If it would, people could gain a much better perspective on the impact they’re having in the world. They could literally see what type of being they are becoming. They could experience quicker the effect they have upon the world. This is the type of immediate feedback system that can produce rapid changes.
So, maybe people are only naturally concerned with their body, or form, because we sense an oncoming evolutionary ability to have better control over our appearance. However, until this feedback mechanism is in place, the pace of time is too slow to affect change on a wide scale. The point is, it just seems natural and intuitively resonant to live in a world where form is a representation of being, rather than a mask. We don’t want a place for ugliness to hide inside. We want a representation of the real thing. In other words, those who do better and make life better for others, would have more control over the ability to beautify their form.
Quickly, back to time. Is this possible? Can it change? How is it now?
Currently, we are experiencing the form that is a result of billions of years of change into one (mostly) solid presentation in the current moment. I think it is possible to experience things the reverse. Instead of all of time into one presentation of form, we can have access to all of time’s forms, in a single moment of time. However, the form we take is the form we draw to us by the nature of our being. Again, is this possible or just a dream? I’m not going to convince you that this is true, but if you take a look around, it feels like the world is in a pressure cooker. The pressure in the bottle of our lives is about to burst. To make room and prevent an explosion, something is going to happen. And I personally believe it will be partially a biological change as well as mental. The biology will come fro the current position of our solar system in relation to the galactic center of the milky way. The influx of energy streaming, if not radiating from the super-massive black hole, is coming into greater contact with the Earth. The energetics could increase photon spin resonance, or some other crazy scientific phenomenon, that changes the nature of perceived being. Obviously, our minds then would adapt in a way we choose to best interpret the new experience. Sounds cool to me.
That’s what I think dudes.
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Nature of Being

I think that Humanity could use a change in perspective.

Even in thinking about what that might mean, one might realize that we have oriented ourselves upon a dimensional axis of spatial forms. In other words, perhaps this change must take place in the re-orientation of the structure of meaning itself.
The word “perspective” has a sneaky and yet overwhelmingly core connection to the form of matter in space. As such, we tend to forget that the space is only structured as so because of that which is “formless,” or rather, “form-full:” time & mind.
Time seems to be the invisible landscape upon which space is reliant for its coming to form. So, when we think of changing our perspective, maybe we less need to look at the object that is in form, and more at the thing which implements the nature of forming. And it makes sense then that this “thing” that manipulates the formation would be that which is invisible to beings that are overly-identified with the materiality of objects in space. However, I wonder if this might just be the rigidity of habit at work. That, perhaps, it is not the denseness of rigid formation that is so interesting, as much as it is the process of shaping forms that has the real essence of profundity to it. If you think about it, I’m sure one can agree that the fluidity of consciousness, the very essence of our being, is something that derives its special quality from its ability to be free from form.
Indeed, the consciousness that I highly prize in my own life is meaningful because it is as free as the imagination I choose to explore. Interestingly, consciousness is a thing that is space-less, and therefore time-full, if you will.
Let me put it this way. We can choose to see the space that is changed. Or, we can become that which changes the space that it sees. The latter seems much richer and less restricted to me. Also, it is the subject of, rather than the object, that is changed. There is a high level of liberation if one can attain this type of “shift” in perspective.
So how does one “see” their consciousness, or that which is the invisible hand of time? It surely isn’t outside like we are used to looking for things. It surely must be inside somewhere, in the space of your mind where time moves at the speed of eternity. This may be thought of as the light of being itself. Is not the very thing we see with our mind’s eye, the very thing that is the mind, or soul, itself? We are always so hesitant to believe that anything in the mind is ephemeral and unreal. However, it just may be possible that this inner experience is more real than that which we have become accustomed to calling reality. Perhaps the flowing and quick changing of imaginal thoughts is not unreal. Maybe that is the very thing that makes it more free and creative.
We tend to think that change must be as slow as the “Real world,” (painfully slow if you ask me), in order for something to be real. However, everything changes. Who is to say that, that which changes slowly is more real than that which moves at the speed of imagination? Both are experiences, but one is subtle in its tangible grasping and one is rock hard, so to speak. This subtler dimension of being, may not seem as tangible as something you can hold. However, if all we ever have is our conscious experience as a means to view “reality,” then what makes a dream of eating an apple less real than eating an apple in the so-called “real world?” True, the inner world is subject to morphing imagery, thus those who are not in to psychedelia or abstract surrealism. I maintain, however, that, in a manner of speaking, a skilled magician is one that is well-capable of maintaining the nature of illusion – that the person who can control imagination is the one who profits highly from this realm of inner-space. SO perhaps this is just a matter of becoming a skilled craftsman at the art of sustainable imagination. Of course, we don’t want the apple that we imagine to turn into a monster or nightmare.
Humans tend to think that the internal realm is private and cut off from interaction of others. I think this is understandable, since we cling to objects, and the tendency to do so ripens and develops the object that we know as ego. That is the objectification of the self. But by doing this, we are literally objectifying our-self – objectifying who we are – caging a reality around our mind – forcing our existence to be confined. And the masters of wisdom, especially in the eastern tradition of thought, have always taught that this type of objectification would prevent us from enlightenment.
With our egos sufficiently alarmed by fear of non-existence, we never supposed that the idea was not to cease to exist, but rather to free the mind from the illusions of the reality it has come to create. What really is more of an illusion? The reality that things are the same and change very slowly, or the reality that everything changes? Quite obviously both are true, in some sense of understanding, but if everything changes, why not make it at the speed of thought?
We have become trapped in a realm, a hell perhaps, where we experience a helpless inability to have any control over the world of our experience, and have forgotten the true nature of our being in existence. We are not a being that happens to exist, as the illusion would suggest, but rather a being that just does exist, and is meant to exist in a higher state of creative freedom and lucid reality.
In fact, what we need to start to become is that being inside. We need to embrace the lucid reality of being, and let go of the alienated and dark externalization of the outer-space we have become identified with. Outer space being dark, seems more than a metaphor for the condition in which we are living. It is probably the very edge of the void upon which Creation, as a collective Being, hasn’t fully developed or come to realization.
Perhaps the realization we most need is one where we drop the “Reality” for that of the “actuality.”
Personally, I know in my heart, that the land of light, or the Kingdom of God, so to speak, is the release of the soul from this body into the actualized world of collective imagination. We are like neurons of God’s mind, believing that we are neurons when really we exist on a higher level; a level of Being that is the picture of reality projected by the neuron in the form of a god-like imagination, or a Universe of collective thought. We can either be the film negative or we can be its projection into the light of the Ultimate Projection: the Land of Soul and Imagination. Imagination is not fake, it is not unreal, and it is a lot more fun than identifying with a reality that feels “burdened upon the shoulders of a brain.”
All there is, is experiences. You can be the moving image of eternity, or you can be the eternity of that which moves the images. Let your ego chill and stop denying the idea as impossible and reckless thinking. We don’t need to kill the ego, we just need it to be more fluid to extending its hand to the help of a higher source of Being: The Soul.
We’ve become identified with the structure of being rather than the nature of being, or the being of being.
If you have forgotten who you are, don’t worry.  It’s still always inside!  Look within!
All in good time, I bet.
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Riddle for the 5th Age

‘What dwells behind,
must move forward,
yet, is still right here?’
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A Message from your Local Malcontent and Personal Motivator

A moment of discontent.  Just being honest.

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Culture is a Drug that Kills Your Soul

They show on some ads that doing drugs is like frying an egg on a pan - your brain, or whatever.  That's some horseshit.  Because they never tell you that the television set is the most pervasive ultimnate drug of fascist propagandist control that has ever existed.  I'm not telling you to turn off your tv.  I'm just telling you that when u watch it you're probably getting fucked in the ass at the same time.  So cover your anal pore fool.

What is culture?  Culture is a societal norm.  It tells you what to do, what is normal, what to like, what to buy, how to act, and what you should think about.  The cultural norm is the box that we are suppose to fit into.  Culture is not your friend - it is that which makes your life a god damn trap of misery and it feels like a mouse trap strapped to your brain.

The United States is a free country.  HHAAHHAhahahha.  Um, yah.  And corporations care about people.  No wait.  Oil companies care about the environment!  Wait, no.  I pledge allegiance to be a robot for the capitulation of a country that wants me brain dead.  And to the advertisers, for which they stand, one hellholefuckednation, under guard of lies and selling that dirty dollar, with liberty and justice as a matter of horseshit. 

I'm sure you are already aware that your country is fucking you.  But, how aware are you of the thousand of ways in which it continues to scrotal-suck your mind?  Every time you watch TV, read the headlines, tune to popular radio, listen to the man, and look to our "leaders" for answers, you're essentially bending over and telling them that your corn-hole is ready to be pounded.  You might say, "oh whatever I don't care.  Jeez fuck that.  Anyways, I know what's up."  Really?  Ok.  Let me tell you 8 things you had no fucking clue about because while you watched American Fuckdoll the commercials were slinging fat instead of truth. 

1) Television puts the human brain functioning under 12 hz.  12 hz+ is waking.  8-12Hz is a highly suggestible state you enter when very relaxed, day dreaming, and are susceptible to ideas.  That's the frequency tv puts your brain waves at.  What media cock are you sucking today?

2) 2012 is not just a faggot gay lying piece of shit lame action disaster movie.  It's also the date that was chosen by the Mayan, Terence Mckenna, and other great thinkers, as the likely period of time, when a great evolution of consciousness changes our understanding of life.  So go enjoy ur movie and miss out on evolution mother fucker.

3)  Global Warming is a fact!  Damn SUVs shit.  Oh btw, did they also happen to mention that every other planet (except Neptune) is also heating up?  Yeah, little known fact.  While Carbons from Human bullshit might be causing problems, the fact is that the Earth and solar system has entered an area of the galaxy that contains high energy waves of photonic power.  It's the biological impetus for change.  It's why we have a chance not to suck anymore.

4)  Did you know that the cutting edge of physics states that consciousness is the discerning factor in making quantum particles collapse into waves or change orientation?  In other words,k let me spell it out.  Human consciousness has an effect upon the physical world.  They don't teach that much in high school physics or middle school science....Damn I wonder why?  Consciousness is key to expansion of your fucking being!

5)  Schools were made to habituate people to be able to hold routines so that when we enter the workforce we could be good little capitalistic hos and make the corporation shit tons of money that we never see.

6)  Media crazes are created by marketing execs to entice consumers into their fantasy that they should actually give a fuck about something that is gay as fuck.  Enjoy twilight everyone.

7)  The top scientists of our age believe that consciousness is more primary in essence than matter.  That means consciousness comes before matter.  Look up the quantum physicist Planck and and David Bohm - two of the most influential scientists of the 20th century.  ahh wait here: Check that shit out it will blow ur fucking mind dude.


8)  Every time you identify yourself as something that is a generalization about society and culture, you destroy a part of your soul.  You describe urself as one who likes a certain shoe, identifies with a certain race, is all about a certain sex, is all about ur current grade or ur current social status....guess are selling ur individuality to a god damned generic version of robotic idiocy that subjects you to a life of slavery. 


If you don't get these words, then you might be fucked. 

If you want to get them, then comment or email me and i'll help you wake the fuck up so that your life is no longer a god damned capitalistic joke.  I love u always, but please get your head out of the anus of the man who sold you a reality that is a god damned fake barbie malibu dream house of horror and lies where that bitch has her head popped off and ken is found with his head btwn his faggoty legs.  I mean seriously.  Can you really stand to suck that much of satan's cock?  I pray you may begin rejecting such social culture as a falsity to ber shit upon and begin creating a reality that actually is your own - one that actually is worth a fuck.

SOOOOO, snap out of the delusion and live a real life that is not dictated by satan's cock. It's the smart way to go shit monger piles of rotting poop brain.
I love you.  Peace - marz
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