Sunday, January 10, 2010

Culture is a Drug that Kills Your Soul

They show on some ads that doing drugs is like frying an egg on a pan - your brain, or whatever.  That's some horseshit.  Because they never tell you that the television set is the most pervasive ultimnate drug of fascist propagandist control that has ever existed.  I'm not telling you to turn off your tv.  I'm just telling you that when u watch it you're probably getting fucked in the ass at the same time.  So cover your anal pore fool.

What is culture?  Culture is a societal norm.  It tells you what to do, what is normal, what to like, what to buy, how to act, and what you should think about.  The cultural norm is the box that we are suppose to fit into.  Culture is not your friend - it is that which makes your life a god damn trap of misery and it feels like a mouse trap strapped to your brain.

The United States is a free country.  HHAAHHAhahahha.  Um, yah.  And corporations care about people.  No wait.  Oil companies care about the environment!  Wait, no.  I pledge allegiance to be a robot for the capitulation of a country that wants me brain dead.  And to the advertisers, for which they stand, one hellholefuckednation, under guard of lies and selling that dirty dollar, with liberty and justice as a matter of horseshit. 

I'm sure you are already aware that your country is fucking you.  But, how aware are you of the thousand of ways in which it continues to scrotal-suck your mind?  Every time you watch TV, read the headlines, tune to popular radio, listen to the man, and look to our "leaders" for answers, you're essentially bending over and telling them that your corn-hole is ready to be pounded.  You might say, "oh whatever I don't care.  Jeez fuck that.  Anyways, I know what's up."  Really?  Ok.  Let me tell you 8 things you had no fucking clue about because while you watched American Fuckdoll the commercials were slinging fat instead of truth. 

1) Television puts the human brain functioning under 12 hz.  12 hz+ is waking.  8-12Hz is a highly suggestible state you enter when very relaxed, day dreaming, and are susceptible to ideas.  That's the frequency tv puts your brain waves at.  What media cock are you sucking today?

2) 2012 is not just a faggot gay lying piece of shit lame action disaster movie.  It's also the date that was chosen by the Mayan, Terence Mckenna, and other great thinkers, as the likely period of time, when a great evolution of consciousness changes our understanding of life.  So go enjoy ur movie and miss out on evolution mother fucker.

3)  Global Warming is a fact!  Damn SUVs shit.  Oh btw, did they also happen to mention that every other planet (except Neptune) is also heating up?  Yeah, little known fact.  While Carbons from Human bullshit might be causing problems, the fact is that the Earth and solar system has entered an area of the galaxy that contains high energy waves of photonic power.  It's the biological impetus for change.  It's why we have a chance not to suck anymore.

4)  Did you know that the cutting edge of physics states that consciousness is the discerning factor in making quantum particles collapse into waves or change orientation?  In other words,k let me spell it out.  Human consciousness has an effect upon the physical world.  They don't teach that much in high school physics or middle school science....Damn I wonder why?  Consciousness is key to expansion of your fucking being!

5)  Schools were made to habituate people to be able to hold routines so that when we enter the workforce we could be good little capitalistic hos and make the corporation shit tons of money that we never see.

6)  Media crazes are created by marketing execs to entice consumers into their fantasy that they should actually give a fuck about something that is gay as fuck.  Enjoy twilight everyone.

7)  The top scientists of our age believe that consciousness is more primary in essence than matter.  That means consciousness comes before matter.  Look up the quantum physicist Planck and and David Bohm - two of the most influential scientists of the 20th century.  ahh wait here: Check that shit out it will blow ur fucking mind dude.


8)  Every time you identify yourself as something that is a generalization about society and culture, you destroy a part of your soul.  You describe urself as one who likes a certain shoe, identifies with a certain race, is all about a certain sex, is all about ur current grade or ur current social status....guess are selling ur individuality to a god damned generic version of robotic idiocy that subjects you to a life of slavery. 


If you don't get these words, then you might be fucked. 

If you want to get them, then comment or email me and i'll help you wake the fuck up so that your life is no longer a god damned capitalistic joke.  I love u always, but please get your head out of the anus of the man who sold you a reality that is a god damned fake barbie malibu dream house of horror and lies where that bitch has her head popped off and ken is found with his head btwn his faggoty legs.  I mean seriously.  Can you really stand to suck that much of satan's cock?  I pray you may begin rejecting such social culture as a falsity to ber shit upon and begin creating a reality that actually is your own - one that actually is worth a fuck.

SOOOOO, snap out of the delusion and live a real life that is not dictated by satan's cock. It's the smart way to go shit monger piles of rotting poop brain.
I love you.  Peace - marz

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