Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tuning in to a New Set of Ideas

    Our beliefs about life and the world are predominantly defined by our culture. Culture is not as real as the experiences we have.
    We come close to losing our true nature ,of being, by selling our capacity to believe, to the social mainstream and institutional indoctrinations of society. However, a new order of being is on the horizon and it is dissolving cultural boundaries. That means that it would be a good idea to re-evaluate your perspective of life and assess what you really understand. This can be done by trusting your body’s senses, your immediate experiences, and becoming aware of the fullness of life that exists beyond society. Wisdom and insight will come from the cleansing of one’s preconceptions of the world. The result will be a look into the core of being. It will be stripped of its sociocultural disguise and open to the bravest of us. There will lay the soul of the matter – what is really and truly important; what is happening and why; the deepening of understanding that can give more perspective to life; perspective that can bring meaning to life by cutting out the diseased and corrupt crap that has been established by a broken social order. I think this is the great work that we must accomplish. I think this is our duty as beings that have caused many problems and atrocities in this world. I think this is the salvation we can find through the living moment of experience. This is definitely how to stop believing absolutely ridiculous and crazy shit. It’s how to end the chaostrophe of modernity and replace it with the realization that we are a lot more than we give ourselves credit for. By ending this absurd identification with a system of believe that is corrosive and diseased, we can begin actualizing a world that actually makes sense and feels right.
Get rid of those ideologies, cultural beliefs, preconceived ideas about reality that have brought life to a void of absurdity. Re-connect with yourself as you are. It’s going to happen regardless. This is just about you making it more gentle and comfortable rather than experiencing a horrific collapse of all hat you thought was real – but no longer really exists. It’s time to discard the crap and fill it with something meaningful so that we don’t find ourselves in shambles with an empty black hole inside of us.
This is a critical process that we don’t want to fuck up. This is a matter of saving the soul of your very being. This is a death process to be gone through. The old must end to make room for the new. This is the time for personal salvation – not the salvation of life through the lens of cultural iconography or through the eyes of someone else’s religious opinions. Either stubbornly hold on to that which is illusory, or begin reformatting your hard drive so that you can replace that shit with something new; something good; something that actually matters for yourself.
Lift the veil people.
The truth is not in the words. It’s not on television. And it’s not in the minds of the logical constructs that you have been taught in school.
The truth is in your experience. The truth is what you are, in essence. The truth, I think, is that which you will come to know as your soul. Call it what you want, but the core of matter is being and I can’t think of a better word for what must now be found. I think you can do it. I hope it is a joyful and invigorating experience for all of you. Have fun trotting on the right path now.  Peace be with you.

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