Monday, January 11, 2010

The Truth of Lying

Lies are the shadows that shade the true colors of your eyes.

The worst type of lie is the one you believe yourself.

Ignorance is a game we play when we don't want to see our true colors.

Hiding in the dark is the stark reality of that which you tried to pretend was only a dream.

Would you rather live the hate of a shitty life or die happy as the belief in something that is false?

Our consumer society does not benefit from honesty.  It thrives off of self-delusions and shadows of lies that we tell each other so we can appear the way we thought we should.  People are afraid of being themselves.  They much rather be like the person on tv.  What a badass action hero!  What a sweet drama queen with an attitude!  Thank god for MTV so we all know how to act, what to say, and what to believe.  Now pop in the tv dinner and shut up.

Our society is failing at being real. 

I love you even when you are really lame.  I hate you when you pretend you're cool.

Now avert your eyes and pretend you never read this....or change your life.  God bless- fool.

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