Sunday, January 10, 2010

Prob with Time

Perhaps it is less of a conceptual question as to what time could possibly be, and more of an understanding of what time means to us – how it affects our lives.

 Hourglass Neblua

Time is more than a linear chain of cause-and-effect. Yes, it has seemed that way to us before, but I think it is growing, or evolving, with us. As humans, we are creatures with a very real social, cultural, and mental aspect of being. Both our biology and our collective minds are subject to evolutionary changes. Therefore, time, whatever it may be, is subject to physical and mental changes. Furthermore, since time is a conceptual device, we can realize that this device, or mechanism, has a very real effect on our existence.
That which was just a chain of cause and effect upon our biology is now also an effect, in its own right, upon our mind. In other words, the concept of time itself has an effect upon us; an effect that is causal; a cause and effect relationship that steps outside the linear boundaries of what we would normally consider time to be.
I feel that at this stage in our evolutionary development, our concept of time has become linear, stagnant, and confining. But maybe more importantly, our experience of time has been a tad excruciating. There are several reasons I say this and many types of experiences I can think of that validate this notion.
For one, it seems that the best of our ideas are hitting the rigid concrete of old social structures. How many of us feel slightly, if not profoundly, dissolutioned, ineffectual, and thus, cynical about the possibility of change in our world?
Secondly, this impasse leads to a severe crash in our constructive and creative momentum to make life cooler. Since that sucks, there must be a reaching for a better way – the very type of mechanism that instigates evolutionary changes.
Next, we have a horrific sense of perspective. We are creatures with amnesia that hardly know our own history, let alone last week. On top of that, the onslaught and barrage of incoming data, like through that of the internet, is unbearably overwhelming. In other words, we can’t process all this quickly enough. It’s enough to throw any meditative device into the shitter because staying grounded in this flood of information (a biblical flood man!) is nearly impossible.
Finally, in terms of why time is subject to an evolutionary change, and related to the idea of perspective, is the slowing in ability to progress. In comparison with our ability to compile huge quantities of data, our systems of comprehension seem to have lead to a chasm between what is and what could be. What I’m saying is that we can’t change fast enough to keep up with the influx of ideas. Therefore, we feel painfully inadequate to our imagination of what could be, compared to that which we are able to actualize.
As a result of this dilemma, I hope that 2012 turns out to be a re-formation between the polarization of time and form. I think it would be awesome if we could experience a pace between the two that is congruent to our abilities as higher beings. And by form, I mean the expression of our being. I hope that:
Instead of feeling like we are the form we have become, we can begin to experience what it’s like to become the form that we are being. It’s not just a state of mind dammit! I doesn’t matter how good a heart you have, it doesn’t mean its going to put you in a fine ass body that fits your being. There are ugly girls with great hearts, and that’s crap! This realm of being is deceptive! If you are a good being, should not your form reflect it in some more measurable way? If it would, people could gain a much better perspective on the impact they’re having in the world. They could literally see what type of being they are becoming. They could experience quicker the effect they have upon the world. This is the type of immediate feedback system that can produce rapid changes.
So, maybe people are only naturally concerned with their body, or form, because we sense an oncoming evolutionary ability to have better control over our appearance. However, until this feedback mechanism is in place, the pace of time is too slow to affect change on a wide scale. The point is, it just seems natural and intuitively resonant to live in a world where form is a representation of being, rather than a mask. We don’t want a place for ugliness to hide inside. We want a representation of the real thing. In other words, those who do better and make life better for others, would have more control over the ability to beautify their form.
Quickly, back to time. Is this possible? Can it change? How is it now?
Currently, we are experiencing the form that is a result of billions of years of change into one (mostly) solid presentation in the current moment. I think it is possible to experience things the reverse. Instead of all of time into one presentation of form, we can have access to all of time’s forms, in a single moment of time. However, the form we take is the form we draw to us by the nature of our being. Again, is this possible or just a dream? I’m not going to convince you that this is true, but if you take a look around, it feels like the world is in a pressure cooker. The pressure in the bottle of our lives is about to burst. To make room and prevent an explosion, something is going to happen. And I personally believe it will be partially a biological change as well as mental. The biology will come fro the current position of our solar system in relation to the galactic center of the milky way. The influx of energy streaming, if not radiating from the super-massive black hole, is coming into greater contact with the Earth. The energetics could increase photon spin resonance, or some other crazy scientific phenomenon, that changes the nature of perceived being. Obviously, our minds then would adapt in a way we choose to best interpret the new experience. Sounds cool to me.
That’s what I think dudes.

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