Sunday, January 10, 2010

Nature of Being

I think that Humanity could use a change in perspective.

Even in thinking about what that might mean, one might realize that we have oriented ourselves upon a dimensional axis of spatial forms. In other words, perhaps this change must take place in the re-orientation of the structure of meaning itself.
The word “perspective” has a sneaky and yet overwhelmingly core connection to the form of matter in space. As such, we tend to forget that the space is only structured as so because of that which is “formless,” or rather, “form-full:” time & mind.
Time seems to be the invisible landscape upon which space is reliant for its coming to form. So, when we think of changing our perspective, maybe we less need to look at the object that is in form, and more at the thing which implements the nature of forming. And it makes sense then that this “thing” that manipulates the formation would be that which is invisible to beings that are overly-identified with the materiality of objects in space. However, I wonder if this might just be the rigidity of habit at work. That, perhaps, it is not the denseness of rigid formation that is so interesting, as much as it is the process of shaping forms that has the real essence of profundity to it. If you think about it, I’m sure one can agree that the fluidity of consciousness, the very essence of our being, is something that derives its special quality from its ability to be free from form.
Indeed, the consciousness that I highly prize in my own life is meaningful because it is as free as the imagination I choose to explore. Interestingly, consciousness is a thing that is space-less, and therefore time-full, if you will.
Let me put it this way. We can choose to see the space that is changed. Or, we can become that which changes the space that it sees. The latter seems much richer and less restricted to me. Also, it is the subject of, rather than the object, that is changed. There is a high level of liberation if one can attain this type of “shift” in perspective.
So how does one “see” their consciousness, or that which is the invisible hand of time? It surely isn’t outside like we are used to looking for things. It surely must be inside somewhere, in the space of your mind where time moves at the speed of eternity. This may be thought of as the light of being itself. Is not the very thing we see with our mind’s eye, the very thing that is the mind, or soul, itself? We are always so hesitant to believe that anything in the mind is ephemeral and unreal. However, it just may be possible that this inner experience is more real than that which we have become accustomed to calling reality. Perhaps the flowing and quick changing of imaginal thoughts is not unreal. Maybe that is the very thing that makes it more free and creative.
We tend to think that change must be as slow as the “Real world,” (painfully slow if you ask me), in order for something to be real. However, everything changes. Who is to say that, that which changes slowly is more real than that which moves at the speed of imagination? Both are experiences, but one is subtle in its tangible grasping and one is rock hard, so to speak. This subtler dimension of being, may not seem as tangible as something you can hold. However, if all we ever have is our conscious experience as a means to view “reality,” then what makes a dream of eating an apple less real than eating an apple in the so-called “real world?” True, the inner world is subject to morphing imagery, thus those who are not in to psychedelia or abstract surrealism. I maintain, however, that, in a manner of speaking, a skilled magician is one that is well-capable of maintaining the nature of illusion – that the person who can control imagination is the one who profits highly from this realm of inner-space. SO perhaps this is just a matter of becoming a skilled craftsman at the art of sustainable imagination. Of course, we don’t want the apple that we imagine to turn into a monster or nightmare.
Humans tend to think that the internal realm is private and cut off from interaction of others. I think this is understandable, since we cling to objects, and the tendency to do so ripens and develops the object that we know as ego. That is the objectification of the self. But by doing this, we are literally objectifying our-self – objectifying who we are – caging a reality around our mind – forcing our existence to be confined. And the masters of wisdom, especially in the eastern tradition of thought, have always taught that this type of objectification would prevent us from enlightenment.
With our egos sufficiently alarmed by fear of non-existence, we never supposed that the idea was not to cease to exist, but rather to free the mind from the illusions of the reality it has come to create. What really is more of an illusion? The reality that things are the same and change very slowly, or the reality that everything changes? Quite obviously both are true, in some sense of understanding, but if everything changes, why not make it at the speed of thought?
We have become trapped in a realm, a hell perhaps, where we experience a helpless inability to have any control over the world of our experience, and have forgotten the true nature of our being in existence. We are not a being that happens to exist, as the illusion would suggest, but rather a being that just does exist, and is meant to exist in a higher state of creative freedom and lucid reality.
In fact, what we need to start to become is that being inside. We need to embrace the lucid reality of being, and let go of the alienated and dark externalization of the outer-space we have become identified with. Outer space being dark, seems more than a metaphor for the condition in which we are living. It is probably the very edge of the void upon which Creation, as a collective Being, hasn’t fully developed or come to realization.
Perhaps the realization we most need is one where we drop the “Reality” for that of the “actuality.”
Personally, I know in my heart, that the land of light, or the Kingdom of God, so to speak, is the release of the soul from this body into the actualized world of collective imagination. We are like neurons of God’s mind, believing that we are neurons when really we exist on a higher level; a level of Being that is the picture of reality projected by the neuron in the form of a god-like imagination, or a Universe of collective thought. We can either be the film negative or we can be its projection into the light of the Ultimate Projection: the Land of Soul and Imagination. Imagination is not fake, it is not unreal, and it is a lot more fun than identifying with a reality that feels “burdened upon the shoulders of a brain.”
All there is, is experiences. You can be the moving image of eternity, or you can be the eternity of that which moves the images. Let your ego chill and stop denying the idea as impossible and reckless thinking. We don’t need to kill the ego, we just need it to be more fluid to extending its hand to the help of a higher source of Being: The Soul.
We’ve become identified with the structure of being rather than the nature of being, or the being of being.
If you have forgotten who you are, don’t worry.  It’s still always inside!  Look within!
All in good time, I bet.

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