Friday, October 16, 2009

Trans-Dimensional Discourse of Being

Sitting here, lingering on the edge of the Unknown, You and I begin to contemplate the ancient gnosis and art of remembering truth.

A Letter Sent from the Past to your Presence of Mind

Not only are we what we know or believe ourselves to be, but we are also everything we have forgotten ourselves to be.

Staring into a still pond of life, you may lose yourself in the image and forget that you are looking at a reflection. Until a rain drop sends ripples through the temporal continuum of the water, we all forget that anything else exists. The ripple though, reminds us of the incorporeal nature to being. In other words, the movement in time of the reflective mind is what establishes the circumstances of our reality. But if reality is so easily perturbed and changed, is there ever anything that is true and essentially the same? Do you have an eternal soul? Or maybe the ripple was sent from above to remind you that you are currently in an illusion...

If this is the case, one would think it is wise to measure time in relation to one's proximity to true essence, or source. The further away from this source of your creative origination, the further one is from a sense of fulfillment, wholeness, and unity with Soul.

Of course, with our sensory abilities, time is best understood in terms of past, present, and future. The quicker one can bring the loving aspects of the past into the present, the sooner that person would likely be able to entertain a similar future. In other words, if our mind is an oscillating frequency between the past and future that must always return to the present moment, then a more resound ability to integrate the past understanding into the present - The sooner we may experience the future as an eternal blissful present. Sounds easy, but we all know how complex this can be.

marZ sat here this afternoon amidst a nauseating air of anxiety and lack of concentration. I could tell that the walls felt like they were collapsing. He asked me for help, and I told him, "I'll do what I can but it will take time. Best just to rest and sleep the fucker off if need-be." He frowned but knew it was true and that he would have to sacrifice himself to a better future.

I decided that I would search his past to locate the root of his trouble during that period. Worried by the notion of his suffering, I too almost started to avalanche into a hurried state of anxious seeking. I had to remind myself that I could not help him if I was going on a voyage with my head cut off and my heart bursting between our rib cages.

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