Monday, June 14, 2010

What is Knowing?

 Gnosticism – Knowledge that Saves (doesn't clutter).  How to choose the saving grace of ideas.  Choosing the system of knowledge that best represents that which is important and best creates receptivity towards true being.  “The truth will set you free” -Jesus

The sacred art of Gnosis/knowing (Gnostic Understanding) – Lifts us to a state of beauty beyond our self, where we are transported to experience the living presence of divine understanding.
Centers around spiritual knowledge that is one's saving grace.

“The kingdom of heaven is within” --- Developing the ability to truly experience understanding as the living presence of being.

This is about how to integrate information with experience - for the best ecstatic excitation of one' divine source, which is able to surge through you.  It's a balance of receptivity and creativity.  How might one live in a manner at which information does not dictate form, but rather, information founds a basis for reintegration in optimal expression as Universe that is Self.

Converging art, knowledge, beauty, wisdom, love, in manifesting realty. 

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