Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cosmological Developments from WMAP Data - Dark Flow


"dark flow extends even deeper into the universe than previously reported: out to at least 2.5 billion light-years from Earth." - National Geographic, John Roach

WMAP traces the background microwave radiation that exists soon after the THEORY of the Big Bang. I was always intrigued that when the WMAP satellite is pointed in any direction, the Universe is completely uniform in its beginning microwave radiation temperature. What could this mean metaphysically?
BUT now, researches have found an "anomaly" that suggests a large portion of galaxies seem to be moving inconsistently with Cosmological constant expansion models. Interesting.

"Relative motion of matter in the Universe is to be expected, but motion in a preferential direction is not. According to our best understanding of how the matter in the Universe was distributed, there's no way of accounting for this flow. The obvious alternate explanation is a little unnerving: something outside of our visible universe is pulling on the matter that we can see."

SO we've now added Dark Flow to Dark Matter and Energy. This one though, is very intriguing. It made me think: Humans tend to believe that what they see externally is separate and other. Perhaps that is not true. Perhaps this anomaly is happening to us specifically. And regardless, since we can't see the essence of our own being, and since we identify most with our vision, is not what we see that which we identify with most? Perhaps. Thus, if so, is not what we see, in a profound sense, what we are?

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Enjoy the mystery.


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