Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Bill Hicks Movie Coming Out!!!

Bill Hicks Fuckin' Rules

Check out this Preview for the Summer 2010 Movie:

Want some Bill Hicks mp3 material of his love comedy shows?  F`Ya ya do~!  Here are some of my favorite clips:

1. On gays in the military - "...Anyone dumb enough to wanna be in the military should be allowed in it..End of fuckin' story..." - BH

2. On the Elite, Conspiracy, and every new President being shown the Kennedy Assassination.

3. The Beach (where dirt meets water), and moths getting fucked by the invention of the light bulb. 

4.  On Smoking: "Non-Smokers die every day!..HAHHAHA"

5. Trippin on acid, drugs, and stupid ass laws - "The door is ajar.  How the fuck can a door be a jar?!!!!"

6. Great F'n times on drugs and the b-shit hypocrisy of drug laws.

7. Marijuana should be legal & dominoes trucks would crowd freeways making our pizzas free.


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